It's been a few busy days lately, lot of stuff to do, so much that we completely forget to post any news since more than two weeks and we're sorry about that.

For balance it out we bring you good news today: We're putting the final touches on a playable beta so you can see Ralesizo in action.

We've created a new downloads section for this and more contents to come. All of this will be available very soon so our little adventurer can do the jump to your screens!


More gameplay. This is time to avoid dangers, it will not always being jumping, you know!

although they do not move a bit, these brambles are more dangerous that they look as they can kill all of your hearts in a moment.

enemy 1

Enemies: Horn Bug

You already saw the first enemies you will meet in the game at the gameplay, so it is time to properly introduce them.

This little bug with grumpy face is a simple guy: He likes walking from here to there with nobody on his way. Watch out with his horn because he will not stop on his path.

Elders of the place tell he once was a very nice bug, before getting in touch with a poisonous substance and became short-tempered. Horn comes as default.

You can find Horn Bug everywhere on the adventure as he is a born traveler.


YouTube channel running already with the first gameplay.
Still on beta, but everything is going in the right way. We have being working on the enemies and obstacles until anything works fine before making more levels.

This is going on!


We have a new section where we will show ingame screenshots, development steps, sketchs and anything related, so you can see how this project goes.

Do not miss it!

Ralesizo adventures screenshot

Hello World!

Finally, the website is running, even if it's simply, it will serve to show the development progress.

If you like classic platforms games then you're in the right place, we have taken a bit from here and there, played and replayed Super Nintendo and Megadrive games to get inspiration and, at last, we decided to have the look of that games to give shape at the adventures of our odd rodent

Here's where the Ralesizo adventures starts!